Black Minimalists: OnyinyeOlufunmi


When and why did you start your minimalist journey?

I can't pinpoint the exact time I started minimalism, but I made the conscious decision to become one in September 2016 when I clocked 22 years.

What lessons have you learned since going minimalist?

I've learned that fulfillment doesn't come when surrounded with much, as that could translate to clutter.

What are your goals in living simply?

My goals are to maintain being a minimalist, travel, meet people from different cultures, and inspire them. I always want to be "light". I don't want to ever be held back by non-necessities.

Has minimalism impacted other areas of your life?

Minimalism definitely has. I'm neater, more disciplined, and healthier.

What if any surprises or challenges have you encountered?

Having to convince myself and other people that I am on the right path.

What mindset changes have you experienced?

I don't view the world as an instrument to satisfy me. I'm more conscious of what I take out and how to influence more.

What advice do you have for someone interested in simplifying their life?

You have to mentally prepare yourself for it. There is a little disconnect between intended and actual behavior. So to live simply, you have to prepare yourself and act consistently on it to make it a reality.

What does being a black minimalist mean to you?

Black minimalism to me, means being able to write and share my journey with people like me, whose experience mirror mine.

Where can we learn more about you?

From my blog and Instagram

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