The Black List: Eating Well


We all strive to live a balanced life by properly nourishing our bodies. Here is a list of podcasts, blogs, and social media pages curated by people of color who inspire us to eat well.


Brown Vegan

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

Monique of the Brown Vegan teaches us how to live a simple vegan life without sacrificing the taste and texture.

Black Vegans Rock

Black Vegans Rock is a digital space for the black vegan community highlighting black vegan art, music, restaurants, books and other projects.

Plant Based Vibes

Plant Based Life

Plant Based Vibes is a curated Twitter and Instagram (@GreenWithin) feed that inspires us to live a more plant based life.

Hi Live Love Ur Life

Hi Live Love Ur Life is a curated Instagram of drool-worthy vegan dishes and plant-based living.

That's Chelsea

Chelsea is a "all things wellness blogger" at Not only does she share advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reviews on green beauty products, she also shares plant-based recipes.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

That Girl Cooks Healthy

Photo taken from  That Girl Cooks Healthy Instagram  page.

Charlene, food blogger at, is a Afro-Carribbean living in the UK who puts her knowledge of holistic health into creating island style dishes that are gluten and dairy free.