The Black List: Spiritual Wellness


The Black List is a weekly round up of simple and sustainable living bloggers, brands, and businesses. This week's list focuses on some of our favorite bloggers that inspire us to focus on our spiritual wellness and self-care.

All The Many Layers

GG Renee Hill is the voice behind All The Many Layers blog. She believes in the power of self discovery through creative writing and is also an author, coach, and speaker.


Ashanti shares thoughts and affirmations for self-love including short, inspirational videos via YouTube channel.

Brittany Josephina

Brittany is a spiritual warrior on a mission to teach us self-love and self-worth, one Twitter thread at a time. Get ready for your next blessing by signing up at


Image from LoveMov3ment's Instagram page.

Image from LoveMov3ment's Instagram page.

The LoveMov3ment is here to teach you about self-love and the love of God. Their motto: "Our message is simple and global: love is the great connector."

Melissa R

Melissa is a Spiritual Director who teaches us how to make space for God's presence.

Mind Body Melanin 

Mind Body Melanin encourages women of color to practice radical self-care and deepen their wellness journeys.

Redefine Enough

Redefine Enough asks us to stop questioning if we are good enough and to free ourselves by reimagining we are enough, period.

Tara Jefferson

Tara is the founder of the Bloom Beautifully self-care box and The Renaissance Suite: Where Women Bloom . She is a writer, speaker, and coach, who teachers women self-care is the ultimate tool for a balance, happy, and successful life.