The Black List: Travel


Becoming minimalist enables us to invest more of our time and resources into living a more fulfilled life and doing more of the things we love  - like traveling! Here is a list of travel blogs hosted by POC that inspires us to explore the our world. 


In pursuit of a life as "new age slow travelers", Jarrell and Amirah ditched living a mediocre life to live a location-independent lifestyle. On their blog, Cool Young History, they share their experiences traveling the world.

Chasing Golden Elements

Raven Love is a writer who shares her travel experiences, minimalist lifestyle and "pursuit of joy" on her blog  Chasing Golden Elements.


Photo is taken from Wyokemia's Instagram page.

Photo is taken from Wyokemia's Instagram page.

Wyokemia is a location-independent entrepreneur who travels the world helping other women bring their ideas into fruition and start their own businesses.

We the Wildflowers

Curated by Ariel and Ron, We The Wildflowers is a "slow travel and sustainable living" lifestyle brand. Together they share inspiration, tips, and advice on living a nomadic lifestyle while being intentional.