The Weekly Round Up, No. 6

Weekly Round Up 6.png

This list is a weekly round up of simple and sustainable living content.

What could deep quality time with your cherished ones look like? My funny idea behind themed no spend weekends was to give us an excuse to line up our values with our relationships -- to each other, to ourselves, and the monies. I need the excuse and, Fam, I am so ready. #bknospendwknd . . DETAILS What it is: A joy What it isn't: Deprivation . **How it works: Figure out how much you would usually spend in a weekend-- $250 $100? $50? -- and transfer it to goals you have instead (e.g. debt freedom, travel, investment, etc). Interpret the theme however you'd like and get creative with how to make it a weekend you love. . **Theme: Who's your loved one? Yourself? Family? Partner? Neighbors? What would it look like to spend more time with them? How can you do it in a way where you don't buy that love but give it freely? . **Transportation / holidays : If you have to put gas in your car, buy a bus or train ticket, or cover an unexpected bill, do that! You can also buy yourself peace of mind by getting gas, picking up groceries and gifts this week. ❤️no spend doesn't mean you can't prep the week before for your needs! . **Note about Father's Day: At first, I thought I couldn't do this because of FD. The truth I didn't want to admit was that my dad's a vet, doesn't and hasn't ever wanted anything, and, if I was being completely honest, wants me to sit with him and tell jokes back and forth! Basically, I've used gifts and a card to get me out of the hard work of being present 😳 #truthbombs. So, I'm in. Can't make this nospend? Join us in July! • Who are you going to spend time with this weekend? . . . . . #debtfreejourney #freedomisselfcare #summerstyle #naturalistas #fathersday #blackminimalists #blackminimalism #minimalism_life #blackdiaspora #blavitylifestyle #simpleliving #intentionalliving #theartofslowliving #slowlife #seekingthesimplicity #caligrammers #bayarea #theeverydayproject #darlingdaily #designerlife #liveoutloud #blkcreatives #liveintentionally

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