The Weekly Round Up, No. 7

Weekly Round Up 7.png

Just about everything you think you know is either 1. not your thought, 2. a memorized thought, 3. a lie. Well, actually it's all of the above. 🦋 What we have been given since the time we were born are other people's thoughts, ideas, shoulds, woulds and coulds. All the way from religion to the way a woman is supposed to "act" or how men are supposed to "behave". None of it is ours to carry nor is it true. 🦋 What does Nature say and do? I mean, sure we need to have order, Divine Order - on how we are to live in a community with others (plants, animals and humans). However, the way things are isn't how they used to be. Oh yes, evolution. What has evolved is not natural. We really don't live in communities. 🦋 The collective conscious is based on fear and a false sense of supremacy. No human has supremacy over anything especially another living creature. But you see how "they" infiltrated our minds? Because I fear YOU I will make YOU think you are less than me. What type of applejack shittles is this? And we all fell for it. 🦋 The Black Woman had been made to believe she is the ugliest thing on the planet yet, people who don't look like her are "trying" to look like her. And we have fallen for the okie doke. The Black Man is the most feared creature on the planet (actually I believe it's the Black Woman to be honest), and he too is mocked and mimicked on everything he does. 🦋 Who are you? WHO ARE YOU? Give yourself permission to unlearn what you think you know and relearn what you have inside of you...THE TRUTH. #theGoddessvilleCommandments #thewordaccordingtoKel #ProverbsKeli12:21 #lovealwayskeli #lovealwaysme #blackmagicwoman #giveyourselfpermission #whoareyou #themindoflove #beingmyself #beautifulinspiration

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