The Weekly Round Up, No. 8


Living more consciously does not have to be complicated. It's not something that is set aside for the elite either. WE humans tend to think so based on what is presented in the media. Flat images filled with over-priced expensive items w/o depth, limited color, spotless sterile walls, non-realistic chairs 3cm off the floor that you need to squat into...Just sit on the floor w/ a cushion. If you are wanting to live the eco-conscious lifestyle and don't have the Dwell or Architecture's Digest budget, you can still achieve the goal by being a bit creative and following the acronym, D.A.A. Us, being prior military, WE love acronyms. (D) Decide: a result to a resolution of consideration Now this can be the hardest part but when you make the decision to change, it takes work. Continuously until you've build a habit. For example, looking for green cleaning products, healthier snacks, want to try a new cooking oil? Check out discount stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross or online @thrivemkt or @behomewell (not sponsored) Oh and don't sleep on Grocery Outlet for cheap #vegan or #gluten-free snacks. Leave your judgement at the curb and just go have a 👀. #sitdownbehumble (A) Assess: evaluate the quality Ask yourself, seriously, is this worth my time and hard-earned money? What added value does it bring? Is it a need or a want? If it's a want, wait at least 24hrs before making the purchase. Chances are you'll forget about it. Being on sale doesn't count. Because you saw "X" person with it on YouTube or Instagram, doesn't count either. {side note: assess the quality of those you follow online as well, if they make you feel some-kinda-way that isn't healthy, bye Felicia! } (A) Act: do something Okay so, honestly this maybe more challenging for some than making the decision because now you're putting your money where your mouth is. #votingwithyourdollars @annelamott said in a talk we heard her give that we as consumers have the power to change how companies do business, with our wallets. Skeptical? Check the shelves in stores now pitching their products as "All-Natural" "Paraben-free" "Non-GMO" the list goes on. To be cont....

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