Need guidance and feedback while making your minimalist transition? 

Cost: $45/45 minutes or $55/60 minutes


-One (1) 45 or 60 minute session.

-Detailed Post-Session Notes with resources for continuing journey.

-Customized Infographic summarizing our session.

-At least one (1) Follow-Up Email after your post-session notes are received.

-Discount on your next session.

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General Lifestyle

Work with Yolanda to begin your minimalist transition. Ask general questions or work together to create a plan for one specific area such as your wardrobe, travel, work, hair/skin care, or others. She'll share five years of experience living, working, and traveling minimally! 


Work with Farai to create an eco-friendly home and transition your family to a more minimalist lifestyle. Farai can answers questions about raising minimalist kids and how to live more sustainably. She'll share her Hillbilly African ways with you! 


Work with Kenya to develop a simple self-care or spiritual practice. Learn how minimalism can influence your spiritual journey. She'll share her theologian, healing, and activist experience in sessions with you!


Explore your minimalist journey further with a package.

Cost: $125/150 minutes.


-Three (3) 50 minute sessions.

-Detailed Post-Session Notes after each session.

-Customized Infographic summarizing all sessions.

-At least one (1) Follow-Up Email in between each session and after your final session.

-Sessions can be completed with one coach or a mix.

-Discount on your next session or package.



From Yanica over several post-session emails.

"In all honesty, it was extremely inspiring to talk with you the other day (best birthday present ever!). My wife and I spent several hours debriefing after to talk about the barriers on our minimalist journey now and what we can do to improve them. We also spent time seriously considering what our lives could look and feel like abroad and decided to create a plan that involved traveling to more countries we would consider living in, with a goal of moving abroad! Which is exciting."

"We also sat down together to work on the first 2 pages of the workbook our vision for our life and our vision board… we did this before we decluttered the closet and it led to some great conversations while decluttering about our life vision and what things that we entertain now that are not contributing to that."

"I love having the closet organized and it encourages both of us to put away our clothes right away and maintain the organization, which is great! I have been able to incorporate more self-care in my weekly routine, including more meditating, reading, and taking the time to prepare healthy meals to eat."

"I don’t remember if I thanked you for the work book and the infographic and notes of what we talked about. It is so cool in particular to see the infographic [,] it is such a nice summary of me and my values."