Our Motto - Finding freedom by creating an intentional community through simplicity.

Black Minimalists is a growing online community, and as this community grows so will our audience's need for high quality content. We're looking for people who shares our values, and has a natural gift for writing to amplify our voice and serve the needs of our community.

Who Are Black Minimalists?

"Black folks who have decided to lead simpler lives devoid of excess which can include emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial clutter.  Black folks who believe the path to liberation is found within themselves and their communities, and not attached to external trappings."

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What we're looking for?

  •  Original content that has not been used or published elsewhere.

  • High quality 800 - 1000 word articles.

  • The goal of the article could be to either uplift, inspire, motivate, educate or provoke thought.

  • Content  should also be aligned with our core values.

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