meet the team.


Yolanda Acree, Founder/Creative Director/Brand Manager

Yolanda views minimalism as a tool for personal and collective liberation. Her inspiration for creating Black Minimalists was born out of connecting with other black folks seeking a community representative of their culture and lifestyle. You can find Yolanda sharing musings about her simple life, travels, and entrepreneurship at

Farai Harreld, Co-Founder/Social Media Manager

Farai Harreld is a minimalist and a mama dedicated to leaving this earth better than she found it. She is the powerhouse behind the Black Minimalists Podcast. You can find her at, where she chats all things eco-friendly, sustainable, and motherhood.



Kenya Cummings, Co-Founder/Operations Manager

Kenya Cecelia Rose is a minimalist committed to spiritual wellness and healing. She is the marketing guru and operations manager for Black Minimalists. You can find her @kenyaceceliarose throughout the internets. She also has an amazing website,

Anekia Nicole, Co-Founder/Content Development Manager

Anekia Nicole is an introverted chatterbox with a soulful heart. She’s a book lover, somewhat of a nerd, and tea enthusiast. She finds fulfillment in journaling, meditation, and prayer. And she doesn't like to pretend to have it all together. You can find her on Instagram @asoulfulrebellion. Oh, and she also blogs at!