meet the team.


Yolanda Acree, Founder

Yolanda views minimalism as a tool for personal and collective liberation. The inspiration for founding Black Minimalists was born out of her conversations and interviews with other black folks seeking a community representative of their culture and simple lifestyle. Yolanda also identifies as a creative, entrepreneur, and carefree black girl. You can find Yolanda talking all things simple living on her blog, and YouTube.

Farai Harreld, Co-Founder

Farai is the owner and curator of blog,, where she documents her adventures in minimalism, eco-friendliness, motherhood, and all-around black girl magic. In her spare time, she is an activist, spouse, dog-mom, event planner, and designer. She also manages the growing Facebook group Minimalists of Color.



Kenya Cummings, Co-Founder

Kenya is a joy cultivator, hope breeder, and justice worker. She is a non-profit professional and wellness coach at She is unapologetically black and unashamedly spiritual. She is a church misfit committed to the revival and wellness of church and facilitating the connection between church and community.


Bryttany Hyde, Co-Founder

Bryttany calls herself a wife, mother of two, dream amplifier, and professional hustler, with a little blogging on the side. As an aspiring minimalist, she believes the power of one story can change someone's mindset toward purposeful living. Telling her story online through Instagram, Facebook,, and in person, as a public speaker, she will never stop inspiring others. When not sharing her stories, you can find her crocheting, balancing parental chaos, building her tiny house, or just having a dance party with her family! Thank you for listening to my stories, you are the best you in the universe!


Anekia Nicole, Co-Founder

Anekia Nicole is an introverted chatterbox with a soulful heart. She’s a book lover, somewhat of a nerd, and tea enthusiast. She finds fulfillment in journaling, meditation, and prayer. And she doesn't like to pretend to have it all together. You can find her on Instagram @asoulfulrebellion. Oh, and she also blogs at!