Season 2, Episode 1: The BM Team Returns

BM Podcast S2EP1.png

The Black Minimalists™ Podcast Season 2 is back and swangin' friends! We are so excited to share the conversations we've had with brilliant folxs over the next few months. This past year/season was focused on letting y’all know we're here and proud. The foundation has been built and we're now leaning into sustainability and what that means for us in the hopes of inspiring y’all to get free too.

Our first episode is a chat among the current BM team members, Yolanda, Kenya, and myself (Farai). We chatted about our summer experiences, travels, and even ended up getting a little deep by calling each other and ourselves in a bit. We also discussed our minimalist journeys and struggles so far and the plan and direction Black Minimalists will be going in the future. Enjoy!

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