Season 2, Episode 7: Amanda Tello, Activist & Mama of Intention


“As woke as you may think you are, you can’t be free until everyone is free” - Amanda Tello.

Tello is an indigenous Latinx activist, and community organizer with Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates. Her organizing is intersectional with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the struggles for communities of color. Tello is a mami to 7 resilient and beautiful children who she raises to resist, and to question the tactics of the colonizer. She is also a blogger at where she discusses the importance of slow and intentional living.

Yolanda sat down with friend Amanda to learn more about her journey to intentional living. The two first developed a friendship when Amanda participated in the 2018 Black & Minimalist course. Amanda shared how she found minimalism, the challenge of balancing multiple roles, how her activism has impacted her simple living lifestyle, and her thoughts on the minimalist movement within the Latinx community.

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